No Border


What is your Utopia?

My Utopia is a world in peace. All the human who are breathing have the same opportunity. In the other word a world with NO BORDER.

The project divided into two part, preliminary and secondary. The preliminary project located in South Bank in London in the United Kingdom. And the secondary project was about adding my Utopia, which designed in the preliminary project, to Royal Festival Hall in London.


PRE 1800s:

In that year’s South Bank London was deserted and the land was not suitable for buildings.

The 1810s:

In 1818 The Old Vic, which known by different names such as Royal Coburg Theatre and the Royal Victoria Theatre, established. In Second World War it was badly damaged.

The 1900s:

Some building such as County Hall, Imperial War Museum built there. The Festival of Britain was born there. In 1967 Queen Elizabeth Hall and in 1976 the National Theatre was built there.

I found in this zone there is some places for the known artist to display. However, this can not support my Utopia, I decided to design a gallery for everybody without any Exclusion to come there and show their work, it could be Performance of art, or Painting, or Music,… An institution for everybody.


There are some movable panels which can give a diversity of shapes during the day and week, to meet my Utopia, by giving every artist their own space that they need it or they want it to show or create their art. By moving these panels, the area can get larger for a group, or make it smaller or private for practising.

As the site was located beside the river, the construction used the advantage of the tide. Also, the access to some cubes is showing on the plans and sections.

The main purpose is to respect everybody by locating the cubes in different levels which has access by two elevator and another access to upper levels is by the pedestrian bridge so who wants to enter this free gallery can enjoy no exclusion arts. Then, there are no cubes in the middle of the pedestrian walkway.

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