No Border

Royal Festival Hall (London)

The project divided into two part, preliminary and secondary. The preliminary project located in South Bank in London in the United Kingdom. And the secondary project was about adding my Utopia, which designed in the preliminary project, to Royal Festival Hall in London.


PRE 1800s:

In that year’s South Bank London was deserted and the land was not suitable for buildings.

The 1810s:

In 1818 The Old Vic, which known by different names such as Royal Coburg Theatre and the Royal Victoria Theatre, established. In Second World War it was badly damaged.

The 1900s:

Some building such as County Hall, Imperial War Museum built there. The Festival of Britain was born there. In 1967 Queen Elizabeth Hall and in 1976 the National Theatre was built there.

My Utopia is No Border, For breaking the BORDER, by Making a connection between artists in Auditorium and people or their fan and make the opportunity to learn more and allow the unknown artist to show themselves in the known building.

No Border

The entrance should invite people to enter this building instead of blocking their vision. In my point of view, the entrance should be flexible, the function and space.

But generally, this building designed for listening to music and I prefer to use it same but not just for well-known and celebrities. RFH could be used as an opportunity for even unknown artists to be known by using this building as an opportunity.

The function of shell in this structure is to make a connection to enter of these cubes but because of the shape of that, it gives nice acoustic for medium classes players.

The three movable sheets of glasses between each cube isolate them, making them soundproof. As a result of the cubes being movable, it is easy to create new spaces.

Mini auditoriums and private practice spaces designed in movable cubes with one mesh edge and three fix an acoustic edge. The entrance of them is from inside building when they are closed.

No Border

In the other two floors, there are eight cubes wherein there is an opportunity to bring the backstage to the front to interact with fans and other ability of them can be taught interested music lovers, who feel embarrassed to play in the public, so they will learn and practice in more private space then they can join the other part of this building.

The renders show the cubes when they are open and close, in both views it is a possibility to see through the building, as my UTOPIA.

In order to connect to the previous project, the design of the lattice cubes deliver the message of NO BORDER. The important point of the second material of this lattice cube is transparency, which in the previous project was glass, however, this design is just for music lovers, acoustic is an important role so timber wood is a good choice.

The other point, which is flexibility, is still available by timber material. as you can see below.

Between each cube, if anybody wants to change the function separately, it would be necessary to add a movable structure to isolate availability and transparency. Then, by adding three sheets of glass which have a gap between them, this problem can be solved.

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