Contemporary architecture in Iran does not meet the social and cultural expectation of inhabitants as prize-winning architect PouyaKhazeali claims. (Farjami, 2016) Moreover, the highly populated tower block of MaskanMehr bring about issues such as ‘psychological depression’ or physical illness ‘stiff person syndrome (SPS) causing abnormalities and social harm. This could have a direct impact the wellbeing of inhabitants as well as on the level of security needed in one’s home. (Seyedzade Sani and Jalali, 2015)

Modern Housing Units Design Issues

Modern middle-class, highly dense housing developments accommodate inadequate space configuration in the living  environment . (Fallah, Khalili and Mohamad Rasdi, 2015) Based on data analysis provided space layout in middle- class houses in Iran lack needed privacy. It is all due to the misconception of modern architecture in the collapse of traditional dwelling architecture.